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                The networks available at CUHK Business School helped these Western MBAs make the move East

                25 Apr 2019

                Professor networks and international immersions help MBAs at CUHK Business School in Hong Kong break into the tech industry after they graduate

                18 Feb 2019

                MBA students predict how the degree will change this year, and how it should change

                10 Jan 2019

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                Full-time MBA

                Full-time MBA curriculum includes both core and elective courses. Core course carries 3 units while elective course carries 1.5 or 3 units. Each academic year is divided into three regular terms plus an optional summer term. To graduate, students must successfully complete 51 units.

                Students can complete their MBA studies in as few as 12 months. Alternatively, they may participate in a wide range of summer internships or world-wide exchange programs and extend their studies to 16 months. To know more, please visit here.


                Part-time MBA

                Part-time MBA curriculum consists of core and elective courses. Core course carries 3 units while elective course carries 1.5 or 3 units. Each academic year is divided into three regular terms and a summer term. To graduate, part-time students are required to complete 45 units within 24 months normally.

                To fit into part-time students’ busy lives, we provide face-to-face courses and flex MBA courses (50% on-campus and 50% online) to maximize your learning and balance between study, work and family. To discover both learning modes, please visit here.

                * Students may also pursue a general MBA degree or an MBA degree with one of the concentration options: Finance and Technology, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

                Admission requirements

                • Have a recognized bachelor’s degree with honours (not lower than second class lower division or B grade) or equivalent professional qualification
                • 3 years of full-time post-qualification work experience is expected 
                • Fullfill English Language Proficiency Requirement (Click here for more details.)
                • Provide a satisfactory GMAT or GRE score (The validity period is 5 years from the test date.)

                Full Time MBA Application deadlines

                • First round: 15 November 2018
                • Second round: 15 January, 2019
                • Third round: 31 March, 2019

                Part-time MBA application deadlines

                • First round: 30 November, 2018
                • Second round: 31 January, 2019
                • Third round: 15 March, 2019

                Apply here


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                “Develop The Leaders of Today and Tomorrow”

                There has never been a time, when updating one’s knowledge and upgrading one’s academic qualifications were more necessary than in today’s rapidly changing world. The fast-evolving business environment will challenge those who are unprepared, but provide exceptional opportunities for those who are forward-looking, astute and well prepared. 
                It’s with these intentions that CUHK Business School’s globally recognized faculty put together an MBA curriculum that benefits you most today while offering you the skills you need tomorrow. While it helps you build powerful leadership skills, soft skills and business acumen, you can also develop your entrepreneurial spirit and strategic business thinking. 
                Our Career Management Centre’s dedicated specialists help you reach your career aspirations with training, mentorship and recruitment activities with all range of companies – from world renowned regional headquarters to small tech startups in Hong Kong.


                Founded in 1963, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is a forward-looking comprehensive research university with a global vision and a mission to combine tradition with modernity, and to bring together China and the West. CUHK Business School is a leading business school and a pioneer in business education in Hong Kong. The Business School has the largest business school alumni network in Hong Kong, with over 35,000 alumni worldwide.

                School Location

                CUHK MBA Facts

                CUHK MBA is the longest established MBA in Asia

                The 137.3-hectare campus built on a hillside is the largest in Hong Kong

                CUHK graduates will benefit from the network 35,000 alumni around the world

                More than 90% of our full-time students come from outside of Hong Kong.

                The male to female ratio is nearly 50:50 at CUHK!