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            Melbourne’s local economy has seen a year-on-year rise for the past 16 years; MBAs are returning home to tap into the opportunities on offer

            12 Dec 2018

            Over a quarter of the 39 MBAs in last year’s class did an internship with AB InBev; six received a job offer.

            8 Nov 2018

            As US immigration policy affects international MBA applications, don’t fret. These four top visas could be your ticket to the international career you crave

            23 Oct 2018

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            Executive MBA - EMBA Overview  

            The ESADE EMBA experience: a unique and prestigious education 

            Deciding to go for the Esade Executive MBA is deciding to study and learn at an institution with over fifty years of experience whose characteristic hallmarks have set it apart since its foundation.  

            The Executive MBA at Esade is a demanding, academically rigorous programme designed to strengthen your leadership and management skills which combines education in Barcelona or Madrid with study periods at prestigious universities abroad.  

            Our goal? That your Executive MBA translates into a vital and qualitative change in your professional career. 

            Earning your Executive MBA from ESADE means participating in one of the best existing programmes today at one of the best business schools in the world: ESADE is among the top ten business schools in the world according to the leading rankings, and its name has become synonymous with excellence and quality. 

            The Executive MBA is a 20-month programme that takes place over four separate phases:   

            PHASE 1. AWARENESS 

            Discover the trends, the big picture and the key elements that are transforming the world – and build the selfawareness to become a better leader. 

            PHASE 2. BUILD 

            Learn the frameworks and tools that will help you to define new and innovative value propositions. 

            PHASE 3. CONNECT 

            Understand the key components of business ecosystems and how they work together. 

            PHASE 4. DECIDE 

            Gain further in-depth knowledge in the areas that interest you most, plus international experience (International Exchange) 

            The G Factor: 

            The EMBA includes four journeys that cover all subjects throughout the programme. They focus on developing specific skills that will allow you to add value and stand out as a manager. 

            Guiding: Leadership Development: 

            Reflect, learn and act with increased self-knowledge in order to become a better leader. 

            General management skills: 

            Develop essential soft skills including negotiation, influence management and communication. 

            Growth mindset: 

            Learn to see growth opportunities and leverage your creativity and innovation skills. 

            Global perspective: 

            Learn abroad how firms operate in different cultures through our Study Tours (3 mandatory + 1 optional) and Electives Abroad (intensive executive courses) in partnership with 15 universities 

            • FT Ranking: 20
            • FT Ranking Global MBA: 21
            • Economist FT Mba RANKING: 46
            • Financial Times Ranking US MBA: 32
            • Forbes Ranking Domestic MBA: 33
            • US News World Report Ranking MBA: 34
            • Class Size: 187
            • Female Percentage: 29
            • Course Length: 12, 15, or 18
            • Employed Graduates Percentage: 90
            • Salary Increase Percentage: 120
            • Average Gmat: 665
            • Course Fee: € 68,500
            • Accredited: AACSBAMBAEQUIS
            • Aspen Inst Ranking: 12
            • Average Age: 28.6
            • Average Work Years: 6.1
            • Nationalities Count: 48
            • Businessweek Ranking: 44


            4th Best Programme in Europe for Salary Increase (Financial Times 2019)

            #7 Best Program in Europe (Financial Times 2019)

            Optional Spanish language lessons are included in the programme fees

            #1 Best MBA for women in Europe (Financial Times, 2018)

            Labs, Career Acceleration Programmes, Study Tours and Treks

            1st Deadline
            6 Oct. 2020
            2nd Deadline
            24 Nov. 2020
            3rd Deadline
            12 Jan. 2021
            4th Deadline
            9 Feb. 2021
            5th Deadline
            9 Mar. 2021
            6th Deadline
            13 Apr. 2021
            7th Deadline
            18 May. 2021
            8th Deadline*
            1 Jun. 2021
            *For EU residents only, subject to places remaining on the programme 

            FTMBA cost:  €72,000


            Esade Business School

            Esade’s MSc Programmes in Management are innovative one-year programmes delivered entirely in English at the Barcelona-Sant Cugat campus for recent graduates who are starting out on their professional career. There are seven different Master of Science programmes:

            Master in Business Analytics

            Work in multidisciplinary groups on big data and data analytics projects, develop data analytics projects using Python and R, design big data and data analytics projects including Spark and AWS and gain specialist understanding of how big data and data analytics are used in finance, marketing and retail.

            Master in Finance

            Master the essential tools and concepts, and learn to harness the power of cutting-edge technology and data-analysis techniques. Develop core skills that empower you to add value anywhere in the financial sector. And build a network of contacts on every continent.

            Master in Global Strategic Management

            Study an MSc with an even greater international twist, by splitting your programme between Lingnan in Guangzhou (China), McIntire in Virginia (USA) and Esade in Barcelona.

            Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

            At Esade entrepreneurship and innovation are part of our DNA. Challenge assumptions, build a disruptive mindset and deliver the tools, insights and skills to unlock creativity, invention and innovation.

            Master in International Management

            Join an international community of academic excellence, learn from leading thinkers in international business research, gain deep insight into how business is done differently all over the world. And the megatrends, the strategies, the international bonds and relations that are set to reshape global business in the coming years.

            Master in Marketing Management

            Accelerate your professional future success. While giving you a solid foundation in theory, the programme takes a highly practical, hands-on approach that exposes you to international marketing best practices in action.

            Master in Management of Disruption **NEW**

            This is a management programme designed specifically for students with a STEM degree, in order to overcome the challenges and bridge the gap that technical students face when they want to make a career change. With this programme, we will provide you with the management tools you will need to succeed, and we will emphasise on the communication and soft skills that are so necessary in the corporate world.

            CEMS MIM Program

            As a founding member of CEMS and the only participant in Spain, Esade offers highly motivated students the opportunity to obtain two renowned international degrees, combining an Esade MSc in Management degree with the CEMS MIM

            Double Degree

            Participants enrolled on any of our MSc Programmes (excluding the MSc in Global Strategic Management) can also opt to take a double degree.

            1. Become an expert: Focus by choosing your programme, specialisation and track.
            2. Become a professional: Get ready for the real world with business challenges and hands-on methodology.
            3. Experience the world: Diverse classmates, international internships and study tours abroad.
            4. Maximize your talents: Push yourself and learn alongside the best.
            5. Change your life: Lay the foundations for future success.