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                Melbourne’s local economy has seen a year-on-year rise for the past 16 years; MBAs are returning home to tap into the opportunities on offer

                12 Dec 2018

                Over a quarter of the 39 MBAs in last year’s class did an internship with AB InBev; six received a job offer.

                8 Nov 2018

                As US immigration policy affects international MBA applications, don’t fret. These four top visas could be your ticket to the international career you crave

                23 Oct 2018

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                4th Best Programme in Europe for Salary Increase (Financial Times 2019

                #7 Best Program in Europe (Financial Times 2019)

                #1 Best MBA for women in Europe (Financial Times, 2018)

                Optional Spanish language lessons are included in the programme fees

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                • Ft Ranking: 21
                • Economist Ftmba Ranking: 46
                • Class Size: 186
                • Female Percentage: 39
                • Course Length: 12, 15, or 18
                • Employed Graduates Percentage: 93
                • Salary Increase Percentage: 116
                • Average Gmat: 665
                • Course Fee: € 70,000
                • Accredited: AACSB AMBA EQUIS
                • Aspen Inst Ranking: 12
                • Average Age: 29
                • Average Work Years: 5.7
                • Nationalities Count: 47
                • Businessweek Ranking: 44
                1st Deadline
                1 OCT 2019
                2nd Deadline
                26 NOV 2019
                3rd Deadline
                14 JAN 2020
                4th Deadline
                11 FEB 2020
                5th Deadline
                10 MAR 2020
                6th Deadline
                21 APR 2020
                7th Deadline
                19 MAY 2020
                8th Deadline*
                2 JUN 2020
                *For EU residents only, subject to places remaining on the programme 


                The Esade MBA is taught 100% in English on the Barcelona Campus and has a flexible structure allowing you to choose how long it takes: 12, 15 or 18 months! For students who want to focus in on Entrepreneurship, Finance, Innovation, International Family Business and Marketing there are specific tracks available.


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