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        Taking GMAT Early Pays Dividends

        GMAT training provider gives 5 reasons to prepare sooner rather than later

        There is no time like the present to start prepping and taking the GMAT according to Veritas Prep, a GMAT training provider. In advice to their clients the training provider encourages test-takers to tackle the GMAT early in the calendar year.

        The reason for the above are as follows:

        Take the test sooner rather than later
        You can take the GMAT up to five times in a rolling 12-month period. That said, if it’s necessary to take the exam more than once you’ll want to space out the test evenly throughout the year. Taking the test early means you have enough time to prepare for the GMAT the next time around.

        Knowing your GMAT score allows for informed decisions
        Whether you are aiming for the magic 700 or not, your GMAT score determines to which schools you can apply. Veritas Prep advises that “late spring” is the time to attend MBA Open Days and research your options. However, the provider warns that this can be a waste of time if you don’t know your GMAT score.

        The exam highlights your weaknesses
        Given that the GMAT consists of three main papers, it’s natural that test-takers might be stronger in some areas than others. As long as you take the test early, you have ample to practice, practice, practice, if one score is not up to scratch.

        Don’t make hay while the sun shines
        Wind, torrential rain and snow- the perfect forecast for revision! Summer brings its own distractions of fun and pleasure, so pull up that chair, take out those books and buckle down to some winter prep.

        Don’t procrastinate
        An obvious point but still necessary, procrastination can derail your admissions process. The sooner you’ve got your GMAT score in the bag, the better equipped you are to tackle essays, interviews and other parts of the admissions process.