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        Why B-School Applicants Should Opt For An International MBA

        What should business school applicants consider when applying to an international MBA program? There are five key areas that require attention.

        Pursuing an MBA overseas is an invaluable opportunity to experience cultural diversity, along with gaining the obvious academic knowledge.

        It is for those who are looking to transform themselves, adopt new ways of thinking, and take on a new challenge, while broadening their horizons.

        There are many factors to consider, but below is a list of some of the most important ones:

        Financing Your Education 

        Cost is an important factor to consider in studying an MBA abroad. Explore scholarships, loans and financing options for international students. You must research these options offered by both your home country and the ones available in the country you wish to study in. 

        Connect with current MBAs as well as alumni from your dream school to discuss living costs.


        Most business schools accept the GRE as well as the GMAT. Both of these admissions exams require extensive preparation. Start early.

        Selecting The Right Business School 

        While selecting an international MBA program it is not only important to consider MBA rankings from the Financial Times, the Economist and Bloomberg Businessweek, but also to research programs that will be recognized by your future employers. 

        Speak to current students and alumni from who come from similar backgrounds and are of a similar demographic to you about why they selected a particular MBA program, and how it helped them achieve their career goals.

        Visa Application

        Student visas are required in order to pursue an international MBA program. Start researching the visa application process simultaneously while exploring MBA programs overseas.

        Language Requirements

        Most international MBA programs are conducted in English but there are business schools which require an entry and exit language that is different from your native language.

        If you intend to apply to these MBA programs it would be important to factor this into your decision.

        Minnal Dhingra is the chief marketing officer of AdmitHour, an online marketplace that connects MBA applicants with current students and alumni.