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        Meet The Team: Ivey Business School – Canada

        Ivey, the highest-ranked non-US business school by Bloomberg, seeks future leaders with diverse backgrounds. Its international focus and case study approach set it apart in Canada.

        Ivey, the leading Canadian business school, has known change. Ranked as the top non-US business school by Bloomberg, Ivey has over the years reduced the length of its full-time MBA to 12 months, launched a masters in management degree with a Paris-headquartered network, and an EMBA in China.

        Internationalization is a consistent theme. It less recently set up a campus in Hong Kong. More than 64% of faculty are from outside Canada, according to the most recent rankings data. Ivey, known as the “Harvard of Canada” for its focus on case studies, distributes more than 500 cases centred on Asia Pacific companies; 750 translated into Chinese.

        Ivey students come from around the world, bringing diversity to the classroom that recruiters crave, says J.D. Clarke, executive director of recruitment and admissions for master’s programs at Ivey, in this interview with BusinessBecause.

        Case studies bring learning to life. But there are opportunities for practical immersion in China, India and South America among other global locations.

        With around 100 faculty members, Ivey is small by global standards. This forms a tight-knit community.

        A powerful alumni network has been formed over a decade within global MBA rankings. 40% are in senior management positions, suggests J.D. Alumni success is illustrated by the fact that Ivey MBAs have the highest weighted salaries among Canadian schools – $96,990.

        This is a sign that Ivey’s decision to switch to a 12-month program is paying off – a move which sets them apart in the increasing competitive North American market.

        Competition among business schools in Canada has increased. What makes Ivey unique?

        We focus on quality, not quantity. This means we can choose the very best. And we take the time to get to know candidates from the beginning of the recruitment process, with a strong emphasis on the importance of fit for the student.

        Ivey also demands extensive prior work experience and unlike many of our competitors, we are holding firm on this requirement. This means the classroom experience is that much stronger and that students get that much more from their classmates.

        And finally our graduates get results. Ivey has the highest job placement rate and highest starting salaries of any MBA school in Canada, according to the Financial Times, and is recognized as the best international business school by Bloomberg Businessweek.

        What are you looking for in MBA applicants and what can they do to stand out?

        Ivey is looking for interesting students with strong academic backgrounds coupled with significant complimentary work experience.

        We view the MBA program as a transformational experience for ambitious leaders who want to hone their skill-set, develop their leadership abilities and accelerate their career success.

        Ivey students come from around the world, bringing incredible diversity to the classroom. Our international students are high-quality, globally cosmopolitan individuals with varied worldly experience in-line with what recruiters are looking for.

        In 2006 the Ivey MBA degree was reduced in length. What are the benefits of this model?

        Our 12-month program is intense and demanding – a classroom experience like no other in Canada, with the best return on investment compared with our direct competitors.

        This is possible in large part because of Ivey’s Career Management team, [which] is widely regarded as the best in the country, attracting top flight employers from around North America. Our placement stats illustrate what we have been saying over and over – that you do not need a two-year program and an internship to achieve your career goals.

        That's not to say that a one-year program is right for every person, but our employment statistics demonstrate where students can go with a one-year program, and that includes those who are looking to change industries.

        Ivey is smaller than other international business schools. What impact does this have on teaching and learning?

        Ivey has chosen to focus on quality and selectivity when it comes to student recruitment. As a result students are exposed to a tight-knit, dynamic classroom experience which focuses on leadership development.

        However, graduates also join a robust alumni network, with 40% of all Ivey alumni holding the title of Chair, President, Vice-President, Managing Director or Partner, or are in other areas of the C-Suite, and boasts more emerging leaders in Canada’s "Top 40 Under 40" list than any other business school.

        Ivey has been referred to as the "Harvard of Canada" for its focus on case studies. Why do students value the case method?

        Our students value real-world, experiential learning – Ivey maintains you can't be lectured into becoming a great decision maker. Driven by case method teaching, our classroom brings business scenarios to life, enforcing the need to become comfortable making decisions when faced with uncertainty.

        The business school has a campus in Hong Kong. What opportunities are there for international immersion?

        Ivey is proud to be the first international business school to set-up a campus in Hong Kong and [to] have had strong ties in the region for over three decades.

        Ivey MBA students are offered international study trip opportunities, exposing them to on-the-ground experiences with companies in China, India and South America. We firmly feel the best way to learn about international business is to experience different business cultures first-hand, rather than simply reading about them.