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        The Grenoble École de Management Q&A

        Mexico central banker broadens horizons

        Rodolfo Mitchell plans to mix the 10 years’ experience he has as a central banker in Mexico with the his new MBA skill-set, particularly his fresh views on innovation and entrepreneurship and their impact on the economy.

        He enrolled in top French business school Grenoble École de Management last year and will graduate in 2016. Previously, the economics graduate was securities market analysis office head for Banco de México for seven years, having first joined the central bank as a research analyst.

        What makes Grenoble École de Management (GEM) unique?

        In my opinion GEM is unique for the following reasons:

        ·        The location, Rhone Alpes, is one of the most important technology and innovation clusters in Europe and around the world.

        ·        The combination between French students / professors and international students and professors.

        ·        The winter sports and social events that are organized by the student associations, where you can network with people all around the world with different backgrounds and career paths.

        Have your expectations for the MBA lived up to the reality?

        The MBA fulfilled my expectations, such as the structure of the program, which is designed to apply what you learned in the first year into the second year’s Final Management Project thesis, and the diversity, in terms of nationalities of professors and students, which makes the assignments challenging all the time.

        Moreover, I am very satisfied with the cost-benefit ratio, which I believe is one of the strongest part of GEM’s MBA.

        What tips do you have for impressing the admissions committee?

        In order to impress the admissions committee, I would recommend to all the applicants to invest time in researching how GEM fits into their career paths, and highlight that when applying.

        In addition, I would recommend to show what your passions are, what motivates you and what your dreams are, so that the committee can identify if your profile fits the program.

        What’s it like working in the financial services sector in Mexico?

        Working in the financial services sector in Mexico is very demanding since more and more people have degrees, such as Msc Finance, MBA or PhD, from top international universities. So you have to be up-to-date all the time on monetary policy, geopolitics, international and local financial markets, corporations, and regulatory themes.

        You have to know and understand how the financial markets are doing, looking at the bigger picture but without losing the finer details that can make the difference.

        What impact do you expect the MBA to have on your career?

        As a central bank employee with more than 10 years in the industry, and with an MBA at GEM, I am expecting to improve the way I analyze the financial markets by combining all the knowledge and skills I have in financial markets, monetary policy and debt analysis with what I have learned on the MBA, highlighting subjects such as innovation and entrepreneurship, which I consider essential to better understand the behaviour of economic agents these days.