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        Meet The Team: UBC Sauder School Of Business

        The elite Canadian program is providing a truly globalized experience for its students

        A global outlook isn’t just something that forms a part of the MBA experience at UBC Sauder School of Business, it defines it.

        Maintaining the most international faculty of any MBA program in North America, the UBC MBA also boasts the third-most international student cohort on the continent at an incredible 67%. Moreover, it’s the only Canadian business school with a mandatory two-week global immersion program (GIE), a consulting project conducted overseas.

        The 16-month UBC MBA costs just over $35,000 (just under $55,000 for international students), the class size hovers at around 100, and the average candidate has five years of work experience. Candidate’s GMAT scores average 641, and will earn on average $90,000 three years after graduating, with 72% of those experiencing salary gains.

        Michael Holaday, their Director of Recruiting and Admissions, explains what makes the UBC MBA so special, what Vancouver has to offer students, and how applicants can secure a place at the Top 100 FT school.

        Is there an ideal UBC MBA candidate?

        Our ideal candidate wants to make an impact on the world through ethical business practices and innovation.

        They’ll demonstrate that they want to challenge the status quo, and add value to their organizations. They’re also looking for a one-of-a-kind West Coast experience, and want to be challenged. 

        What makes the UBC MBA unique?

        Firstly, our program has a firm international and experiential focus – our Global Immersion Experience is a mandatory component of the Full-time UBC MBA, meaning that all of our students graduate with consulting experience abroad.

        Secondly, our MBA class brings with it guaranteed diversity – we draw students from more than 20 countries every year, from a number of different academic and industry backgrounds. Students not only gain global networks through their peers, but they learn from each other’s experiences and journeys.

        Thirdly, our program is based in Vancouver, a world-class, innovative city that has been consistently ranked as one of the world’s most livable.

        What do you consider more important: a candidate's work experience or their GMAT score?

        The UBC MBA admissions process is a holistic process.  When I say that, it means we don’t have an exact matrix or weighting – we actually look at the whole application, so we’re taking into account your GMAT or GRE score, your GPA, your work experience, and your interview, among other things.

        This process means that at the end of the day, when you become a UBC MBA student, you’re more than just a number – your experience will be unique and ultimately beneficial to your life and career.

        What kind of financial support are offered to UBC MBAs?

        UBC Sauder School of Business and the Robert H. Lee Graduate School offer scholarships to candidates who demonstrate meet the criteria and are exemplary in their field. 

        Every single candidate is reviewed to see if they qualify for scholarships, which is why we recommend that students apply early – because we’re on a rolling basis, there is a greater probability of obtaining a scholarship if you apply earlier than later. 

        Which companies are hiring the most at UBC Sauder right now?

        Our graduates find work in a wide variety of sectors, with companies such as RBC, Amazon, Deloitte and Kit & Ace. Thanks to our strong networks, we find that UBC MBAs are often hired by the companies they intern for, or by alumni, who have founded companies of their own.

        Our MBAs are also given one-on-one coaching by our Business Career Centre, and it shows: 77% of our class had jobs before they graduated. 

        What sort of international experiences are on offer at UBC Sauder?

        An international perspective is ingrained into the UBC MBA. While overseas on our mandatory Global Immersion Experience, students apply the coursework and lessons they’ve learned to consult for companies, while getting the chance to explore new cultures. It’s certainly a favourite among our students.

        As a globally-minded program, we’ve also established relationships with 36 business schools around the world for exchange opportunities, and our status as the only Canadian school in the Global Network for Advanced Management means you’ll be able to participate in online courses and interact with students from schools such as Yale, Shanghai Jiaotong, Copenhagen School of Business and more. 

        In what ways can students expect to benefit from the alumni network?

        Our alumni play a key role in our program’s success. We invite alumni to our events to talk to students about their firsthand experiences, they are sometimes brought into classes as guest speakers, and students also have the chance to be mentored by alumni and engage with them at said events.

        As students at UBC Sauder, our MBAs will also have access to Sauder Square, our exclusive virtual network of alumni. We highly recommend that students make the most of the Sauder network while they’re here at UBC.

        What should applicants expect from the interview process?

        We always say applicants should approach the interview like a job interview – be prepared, know what the UBC MBA is all about, and be ready to answer questions about yourself, what you hope to gain from the program, and what you can offer as a potential student. 

        What is it like studying in Vancouver?

        Vancouver is one of the world’s move livable cities. Visually gorgeous, with temperate climate, Vancouver offers students the chance for outdoor adventures, such as ocean kayaking, sailing, and skiing.

        Studying in Vancouver also means you’re situated at the gateway to the Pacific and Asian markets, in the midst of a diverse, innovative and forward-thinking population.  Vancouver has a reputation for being the ‘Silicon Valley of the North’, thanks to the amount of startups that begin here, and it’s Canada’s fastest-growing metropolitan economy. Vancouver is also a hotspot for green technology and social enterprise.