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        3 Things Harvard Business School Looks For In Its MBAs

        Three hints from Chad Losee, Harvard's admissions chief

        What does Harvard Business School look for in the application process?

        That is a question ten thousand people ponder while applying to Harvard’s prestigious MBA program each year. The bad news is: Only 10% of them will make the cut.

        Chad Losee is Harvard Business School’s managing director of MBA admissions and financial aid. In an interview with BusinessBecause (see here), he offered some insight into what Harvard seeks in a successful MBA candidate.

        Here’s three hints:

        Global Leadership

        “What they have in common is a dedication to excellence, a history of leadership in past and current endeavours, and analytical ability,” Chad says.


        Harvard looks for students who are eager to help the school fulfil its mission of educating leaders who will make a difference in the world, says Chad.

        “Our goal is to enable students to make a difference in the world in roles for which they are particularly passionate and well suited,” he says.


        Do not try to be someone you think Harvard is looking for, Chad warns. “Be yourself.”

        He says there is no formula, no cookbook for a successful application. “What works well for one person may not work well for another. This is a very individualized process.”