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        ESADE MiM Review | Curriculum, Careers & Application

        Find out everything you need to know about the ESADE Master in International Management, including the class profile, curriculum, networking, and career opportunities after the ESADE MiM

        Located in the heart of Barcelona, triple-accredited ESADE Business School is among the world’s top business schools. 

        The school offers a Master in International Management (MiM) degree ranked among the top 20 in the world by the Financial Times in 2021.

        The unique, one-year program focuses on management skills within a global context. Enrolling will give you the chance to develop the skills to manage cultural differences, mobilize diverse teams, and do business in an international context.

        Upon leaving the program, ESADE MiM graduates land roles with prestigious international companies in various roles including general management, consulting, marketing, and data analytics.

        BusinessBecause caught up with both ESADE MiM students and staff to find out more about the program; including the admission requirements, how much it costs, and your potential career outcomes after graduation.

        Who is the ESADE MiM for?

        The ESADE Master in International Management is for students looking to develop management skills alongside a global outlook. Core skills include decision-making, problem-solving, communication, and time-management.

        Daniela Noethen (pictured), academic director of the ESADE MiM, says the program “is meant for those who aspire to be able to solve problems, deal with complexities and insecurities, and find innovative solutions no matter what, no matter where.”

        The school targets students with a broad range of backgrounds, skill sets, and career ambitions. The ESADE MiM cohort is comprised of 43% female, and spans across 33 nationalities, with 96% hailing from non-Spanish origins.

        “Interacting on a daily basis with such a diverse and driven group of young people is a learning experience in itself,” Daniela comments.

        ESADE Business School MiM | Curriculum 

        The ESADE MiM program combines theoretical learning in-class with ample opportunity for students to apply what they learn through group projects, study tours, and optional internships.

        Students take nine core management modules during their first term. These include Economics and Global Environment, Geopolitics, Corporate Finance, Cross-cultural Management, and Digital Transformation.

        In their second term, between January and March, students take specialized courses, such as International Business Strategies, International Marketing Strategies, Global Operations, Non-Market Strategy, and Global Organizations.

        The MiM curriculum also offers experiential learning opportunities where you can further develop your skills. All students must take part in the International Project in Action, which allows you to carry out a consultancy project for a company over the course of seven months.

        “Students do large parts of their work and learning in diverse teams, where they not only learn to manage projects, but also failures, conflicts, and crises—and to celebrate success,” Daniela comments.

        For both Nina Frissel-Thomas (pictured) and Emma Ravagnan, two current ESADE MiM students, their highlight from the course so far has been the Study Tour, where students embark on trips at one of ESADE's partner universities around the world. 

        Study Tour locations include institutions like the University of Cape Town, in South African. The experience allows students to learn about how business is done depending on various social, political, economic, and geographical factors.

        “It was a wonderful, hands-on experience that taught me a lot about the challenges and opportunities of doing business in this area, and generally speaking in developing countries,” Emma (pictured below) explains.

        ESADE MiM | Admissions & Requirements

        Students who apply to the ESADE MiM must have a bachelor’s degree, preferably in Business Administration or a business-related program. International experience is a plus, but not essential. 

        Admissions Requirements:

        1) Bachelor's degree or equivalent

        2) Proficiency in English

        3) GMAT/GRE score

        4) Supporting documents:

        a) CV

        b) Personal statement

        c) 2x Letters of Recommendation

        ESADE looks for curious individuals seeking to learn in a diverse and international environment. “You have to be smart, creative, and with strong analytical skills on the one hand; and open minded, flexible, passionate, and a strong team player on the other,” says Daniela.

        “The perfect candidate has demonstrated leadership qualities either in their academic or extra-curricular activities, and are driven by values such as sustainability, social justice, fairness, diversity, and integrity,” she adds.  

        ESADE MiM | Fees & ROI

        The ESADE Master in International Management one-year program costs €30.5k ($32.3k).

        Alongside tuition you'll have the extra cost of living in Barcelona. But living in the Catalonian capital city is far cheaper than many other European cities.

        Whilst the costs may seem daunting, the return on investment for ESADE MiM grads is generally high. 91% of students land roles within three months, earning a mean starting salary of $45k (€43,000).

        ESADE also offers merit-based scholarships based on essays, transcripts, and GMAT/GRE exam scores. These include the MSC Scholarship for Excellence, or the MSc for Global Leaders Scholarship.

        ESADE MiM | Career Opportunities & Networking

        ESADE has an international alumni network that spans more than 70,000 professionals, living and working in 118 countries all over the world.

        “Many classes also have guest speakers, from various companies, which allows us to network with people currently working in the industry you would like to go into,” says Nina.

        Emma says the program also offers endless networking opportunities.“If you participate in career events, projects or clubs and associations, you can come into contact and connect with top professionals and companies,” she adds.

        Upon leaving the program, ESADE MiM grads land roles with prestigious international companies in various sectors. Among the class of 2020, 37% went into technology, media, and telecommunications, and 29% entered consulting. 

        If you aspire to work in a global corporation with a diverse workforce, the impressive intake of international students and focus on global business makes the ESADE MiM a strong option. 

        The program balances theoretical learning with practical experiences like the Study Tour and International Project in Action allowing you to apply your learning in real-time. Students highlight the intense nature of the program, but the rewards are clear with most landing jobs soon after graduation. 

        If you're considering applying, make sure to look at the several scholarship opportunities available. 

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