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        Banco Santander Offers 10,000 Scholarships To UK Students

        Formula 1 drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button handed out scholarships to one hundred UK students during a ceremony organized by Santander Universities in London.

        Six young entrepreneurs have won awards for their outstanding business ideas, and several scholarship winner received certificates from Formula 1 stars as part of the first Santander Universities first UK initiatives.

        Last night Radfan Heatwave, a start-up from Newcastle University, took the first prize in the postgraduate category for their idea of more efficient central heating radiators that reduce bills and energy waste.

        Royal Holloway University of London topped the undergraduate winners for Jottify, an online community that allows people to share, discuss and sell their individual writings.

        During the ceremony at the Spanish Embassy in London, Emilio Botín, Chairman of Banco Santander, announced that Santander Universities Global Division would be offering 10,000 university grants and scholarships in the UK over the next four years.

        “Santander’s UK alliance with universities is very successful”, he said. “For us it is an honour to have such a privileged relationship with the UK universities. That’s why in the next four years our target is to distribute 10,000 awards and scholarships.”

        This morning, in another event, Mr Botín and Formula 1 drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button handed out scholarships to 100 students in London. The grants are part of the Formula 1 Student program which is giving 300 scholarships worth €5,000 each to students in Brazil, Spain and the United Kingdom. The program was announced earlier this year by Mr. Botín at the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai.

        Mr. Botín said that the two drivers represent “leadership, effort, skills and will to succeed. They’re two exceptional drivers and an example to all of us”.

        After congratulating wthe students, Jenson Button stressed the importance to students of traveling the world, something “we take for granted, since we change country every two weeks”. Lewis Hamilton’s only advice was to “never give up” and “keep pushing. I think we’re an example of this: we worked hard to get where we are, but we keep pushing”.

        Since 1996 Banco Santander, through its Santander Universities Global Division, has channelled €500 million into higher education through co-operative agreements with over 900 universities in 15 countries around the world. Last year the bank announced a commitment of a further €500 million in the next five years.

        In the UK, 50 universities have signed collaboration agreements with the bank. In 2010 Santander provided funding for 565 scholarships and 480 mobility awards for UK universities.

        Cass Business School in one of the universities that joined the scheme. Last year five students won the Formula Santander Scholarship: Catarina Donat Marques, Diana Gomes, Martin Esteban Perez Enrri, Simone Nascimento, and Gregor Martinez De Riquelme. Gregor, who is currently completing a Master of Science in Real Estate, was at the ceremony in London this morning. 

        “Winning the Santander scholarship has been a great opportunity for me. It came as a surprise, I was working in New York, and without it I wouldn’t have done this postgraduate degree, it definitely helped me to make the decision.", he says. 

        He thinks today was a "great event, especially because not only Button and Hamilton were there, but also Botin. His presence shows how interested Santander is in supporting students".