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        MBA Babe's Magic Essay

        She didn’t even score 80% on her Quantitative Test, but blogger MBA Babe still cracked both Harvard and Stanford.

        1. Sell yourself in a way that shows you are amazing without sounding arrogant. Her trick was saying how awesome her accomplishments were while still sounding like a great team mate/classmate.
        2. Tell your story in the first person. For example, she brought up her family's religion and heritage and told the story in a “this is what matters to me” sort of way.
        3. Keep the readers interested, show some personalities. In one school she applied to, she used a metaphor through the entire first essay to explain her career goals, and a student reader described the essay as “endearing” at the admin weekend.
        4. Don't focus on what they want to hear. She wrote on common topics - friends and family – with an emphasis on the why.
        5. Write your essay as if you're publishing it. In other words, spend hours upon hours drafting and re-drafting till you love what turns out.