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        MBA Applicant Voice: Innovation Consultant Sizes Up Flexible MBA In Europe

        PhD candidate has advised companies across oil and gas, automotive and aerospace sectors

        Museok Kwak has been working as a senior project leader for one of the world’s leading consulting firms, advising on areas such as innovation, strategy, and entrepreneurship for nearly a decade. Some of his key responsibilities include research and development, project management, sales, and the mentoring of PhD candidates and junior staff members.

        During this time, Museok was the prime contributor to two patent applications, and has been working closely with some of the world's most influential companies in sectors such as oil and gas, marine, automotive and aerospace. 

        Over the past five years, Museok has also been working to obtain a PhD at Imperial College London, which he expects to receive this year. 

        Now, he has decided to pursue a part-time or flexible MBA to fast-track his career, and is considering attending schools in Europe including IE and Cass Business Schools in 2016.

        What do you hope to gain from an MBA?

        I have been thinking of pursuing an MBA for a number of years, and I think the time is right for me to take this step. My main priority is to gain a broad knowledge of business and management, and identify the areas which I enjoy the most, so I can pursue these routes as a future career. 

        How do you think obtaining an MBA would impact your career in your industry?

        I think it will provide me with the necessary tools to fast-track my career. I am unable to say whether I will stay in this industry after completing the MBA; I will use the MBA as an opportunity to see what else there is available. I’m going in with a fairly open mind and aim to decide what will be the best way to take advantage of the MBA in my own way.

        Which schools are you planning to apply to? And what are the most important factors to you when choosing a business school?

        I’m interested in: Imperial College Business School; ESADE; IE; Warwick; and Cass. 

        I intend to attend a part-time MBA, so the first factor is that the school offers an executive, online or blended program. Secondly, the experience of the faculty. Thirdly, the career services team. And finally, my personal view of the ROI [return on investment].

        So far, what has been the biggest challenge in the application process?

        I haven’t gone very deep into the application process yet, since I intend to start the MBA in the second half of 2016, so [there have been] no major challenges to date.

        But there is a lot of information online, and digesting all [of] this information and making appropriate assessments is quite time consuming. The fact that many business schools use similar words and phrases to describe their respective courses doesn’t help, either.

        I intend to visit a few schools to get a better feel of the courses. Business schools are very good at marketing and sales. I’m curious to see what they are like before registering for the course. 

        How did you prepare (or will start preparing) for the GMAT or GRE?

        I’m studying for the GMAT by using GMAC’s official book and the online tests that come with it. At present I don’t have any intention to take any private courses.

        I have reviewed the relevant application forms from the different schools, so I have been making notes on how to respond to each of the questions, but I will start officially from next month, which will be approximately 13 months prior to the start of the MBA. 

        How do you plan to fund your MBA?

        Ideally through a combination of personal funds, company sponsorship and business school scholarships.

        What are your future career plans?

        It’s difficult to specify at this stage. It will depend on which areas I enjoy the most. At present innovation, strategy, entrepreneurship, and leadership are areas which are [the] most appealing to me.