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            MBA Applicant Voice: Ex-Deloitte Consultant Shoots For The Copenhagen MBA

            Patrícia Carvalho is only targeting one school, but for very good reasons

            It’s often being labeled as the happiest country in the world, for everything from social support to high GDP-per-capita. But Denmark is also luring some of the top b-school applicants, Patríca Carvalho among them.

            28 year-old Patrícia originally comes from Portugal, but currently lives and works in Denmark, having secured her Master’s in International Business at Maastricht University in The Netherlands. She’s now looking to join the MBA program at Copenhagen Business School.

            What’s more, Patrícia has always expressed curiosity in different cultures and peoples, which led her to live abroad for several years in The Netherlands, Angola, and now Denmark.

            She’s been working in consulting for half a decade now, previously at Deloitte and now at TIA Technology, and in everything from strategy and operations to business transformation for clients in the insurance and banking industry. She’s hoping her MBA can take her that one step further.

            Why do you want to begin an MBA now, and what are you looking to gain from it?

            Ever since I first started university, almost 10 years ago, I knew that I would eventually pursue an MBA. I’m looking to venture out of my comfort zone, to be part of a group of great, ambitious, relatable students, and learn from and with them.

            I am looking to increase my knowledge base with regards to relevant management subjects, and also to boost my career. Overall, I am looking to gain knowledge and experience that will make me grow as a person as well as a professional. I believe that an MBA can create many new opportunities and open doors in different sectors and industries.

            Why have you chosen to apply to Copenhagen Business School?

            I really enjoy both living and working in Denmark, so I’d love to study here full-time as well.

            Additionally, Copenhagen Business School is recognized as the best business school in Denmark, and their MBA program is very much oriented to what I would like to achieve in my career.

            There are plenty of aspects that I believe make the Copenhagen MBA special, and it strikes me as a really complete program.

            Particular highlights for me include their leadership discovery process, their focus on responsible management, the integrated strategy project that comes at the end of the program, and their entrepreneurial track.

            What has been the biggest challenge in the application process so far?

            The biggest challenge so far has been test preparation, since it takes up a lot of my time.

            Currently, I’m working a full-time consulting job that requires me to travel often, I’m taking Danish classes, and volunteering at UNICEF – all while studying for the GMAT.

            Naturally, it is sometimes difficult to manage all of this.

            How have you prepared for the GMAT?

            I try to plan my studying out, and prepare milestones for each week. I bought the Official GMAT guide, and I am also using some materials that I borrowed from a friend who just started her MBA.

            I think that in order for you to be prepared you need to practice, practice and practice, so I take every available opportunity to bolster my preparedness.

            Did you ever consider taking the GRE, and if not why do you prefer the GMAT?

            I have always been more familiar with the GMAT than the GRE, and I knew that CBS accepts the GMAT score.

            How do you plan to fund your MBA?

            I will apply for as many scholarships as possible, but am also prepared to rely on my own personal savings.

            What are your future career plans?

            I have several options in mind for the future. I’m open to continuing to work in Denmark, and I’d like to either be working in business development, or go back to management consulting projects.

            What advice do you have for others considering an MBA?

            Make sure you know why you want to engage in an MBA, that you’re aware of what it can offer you, and settle on the program that suits you best. Plan your application as far ahead as possible.