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            The 15 Best Business Schools For International Students

            Heading abroad for your MBA? These top business schools attract the most international students

            Choosing where to go for your MBA is a big decision and even more so if you’re making the move abroad during coronavirus.

            Studying internationally might be a little tricker right now, but it's not impossible. What might change is where in the world you choose to study.

            While the temporary suspension of H-1B visas, and an unstable political environment, has put plenty of prospective MBAs off studying in the United States, international applications to schools in Europe are increasing

            European MBA programs cost on average $95,000 less than those in the US in terms of total cost and, with friendly visa policies in many European countries, candidates are increasingly looking outside the US for their MBA.

            Which top schools attract the most international MBA students? The 15 business schools below are listed in the Financial Times (FT) Global MBA Ranking and ranked by the percentage of international students on their programs.

            Best Business Schools For Internationals

            15. University of St. Gallen (93% international)

            St. Gallen also has one of the highest ratios of international faculty, with 81% of professors hailing from outside Switzerland. In the wider university community, 34% of students are international, hailing from 80 different nationalities—so you’re guaranteed a diverse study experience. 

            14. IE Business School (93% international)

            Located in Madrid, students at IE Business School are already located in one of the best cities in the world for expats, and the MBA program at the school reflects this diversity. Students come from over 70 different countries, and just over 70% of the school’s faculty are also international. 

            13. EDHEC Business School (94% international)