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            Harvard MBA Secures STEM Designation

            Read our April 29 coronavirus roundup, as Harvard Business School secures STEM designation for its MBA, meaning HBS MBAs can stay and work in the US for three years without an H-1B visa

            April 29 Roundup

            Harvard MBA Gets STEM certified

            US business schools are rushing to get STEM-designation for their full-time MBA programs to attract more international students. STEM-designation qualifies MBA graduates for 36 months of Optional Practical Training, allowing them to work in the US without an H-1B visa.

            Now, according to one report, Harvard Business School has confirmed its request to create a track of the MBA Program designated as Management Science has been approved. To pursue the Management Science STEM track, HBS MBA students will take a series of first and second year courses in STEM-related topics.

            The STEM MBA trend is largely in response to a drop in international applicants to US schools, a result of strict visa requirements and anti-immigration rhetoric by the Trump administration. It’s also linked to a significant STEM job shortage, with 2 million jobs expected to go unfilled by 2025. 

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