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            One In Three Business School Candidates Will Defer If Classes Start Online

            Read our May 14 coronavirus roundup, as business school candidates reject online learning alternatives

            May 14 Roundup

            Business school candidates reject online learning

            Everyone is talking about the benefits of online learning right now. But, according to new research from the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), 36% of candidates intending to study on-campus in 2020 will defer rather than study online if forced to by coronavirus.

            The news comes as business schools plan to deal with the COVID-19 disruption by starting programs in an online format before moving to regular on-campus programs later on.

            Original source: GMAC

            5% of candidates said they would decline their offers if forced to study online. However, pointing at the continued value of a business school degree, 59% of candidates surveyed by GMAC said they would accept their offer regardless and enroll.

            The news is also more positive if programs start on-campus as normal. A majority of candidates are likely to accept and enroll (84%), if admitted to a program starting as normal in 2020. 2% report that they will decline the offer, and another 14% indicate that they will defer.

            According to GMAC, international candidates are more likely to defer, and candidates pursuing an MBA are more likely to defer than candidates pursuing a business master’s.