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            Coronavirus To Reduce Average MBA Salary By 30%

            Read our May 18 coronavirus roundup, as we calculate the average MBA salary in the USA

            May 18 Roundup

            Average MBA Salary To Fall Due To COVID-19

            What is the average salary for an MBA graduate in the USA? According to US News, the average starting salary for MBA grads last year was $107k. However, MBA salary prospects in 2020 look a little less rosy.

            The predicted average MBA salary for this year’s graduating class is $79k, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers—that’s over 30% less.

            Doing an MBA this year can still pay off long-term. In fact, starting salaries for MBA holders may be more than $20k higher than for people with bachelor’s degrees in business. MBA salaries also vary by business school and the industry you’re working in.

            Find out how much you can earn after your MBA