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        7 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Build A Success Mindset

        Award-winning business coach Melitta Campbell tells BusinessBecause the key ways to build a success mindset as an entrepreneur

        If you're an aspiring entrepreneur entering the competitive business world, it's likely you'll be faced with challenges and setbacks. Balancing your determination with a strong mindset is essential to achieving your entrepreneurial vision.

        Here, award-winning business coach Melitta Campbell offers BusinessBecause her advice on how entrepreneurs can develop a success mindset: 

        Entrepreneurs often spend a lot of time getting their business up and running, but miss the most important element: themselves. 

        It can be easy to forget the importance of working on yourself, yet this is what helps business leaders stand out, maintain the courage to speak out and be visible in the competitive business landscape. 

        In business, your mindset is everything. Look at any successful entrepreneur and they usually all have a positive, open, and creative mindset. So, if you want to move towards future success, here are seven ways to develop a strong mindset. 

        1. Learn from your setbacks

        If things don’t go according to plan, instead of berating yourself, look at the situation and simply say ‘fascinating’. Think through what happened and what could be done better or differently next time. Ban yourself from using words like: would have, could have or should have during this process and instead focus on which lessons to apply next time.

        Mastery in anything is all about continual growth and development, so making mistakes and learning from them is an important part of the entrepreneurial journey and building a success mindset. 

        2. Invest in developing a success mindset with training & self-development

        Training, education and self-development is something everyone needs to do throughout their career as there are always new things to learn to stay abreast of the latest business developments and trends, and skills to improve and hone.

        The mantra ‘every day is a school day’ is true. As well as the more formal training you get at business school, wise leaders invest in daily self-development by reading books and articles, listening to podcasts and watching videos. The best investment a leader can make is in their own development. 

        3. Be mindful of negativity

        In today’s world, leaders can be exposed to a myriad of negative influences, which can present a limited view of what is really possible. Be aware of any negative influences from people around you, the news, other publications, and social media, as they can quickly undermine a success mindset. Instead, make an effort to consciously replace these with more positive influences.

        4. Create an inspiring entrepreneurial vision

        A useful exercise for business leaders and entrepreneurs is to think forward to where they want to be in five to 10 years. Where will you live? What will you do each day? How will you feel? 

        Make a vision of the future that is as exciting and inspiring as possible to you. Don’t worry about any current resource constraints, but instead give yourself permission to dream as big and vibrant as possible. Replay this vision in your mind at least once a day. This will program you to believe this reality is possible and you will soon see yourself looking at challenges and opportunities in new ways.

        5. Engage in gratitude

        The simplest tools and practices often have the biggest positive impact on success. Gratitude is one of those. Each day, business leaders and entrepreneurs should note down at least three things they are grateful for, then watch as negativity and doubt is replaced by a world of possibility. 

        Gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness too. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.

        6. Get help to develop a success mindset

        No one succeeds in business alone and there are no exceptions to this rule. It matters greatly who leaders surround themselves with. The people in your close circle of friends and colleagues will influence your ability to create a mindset that supports the achievement of your goals and dreams.

        Business leaders can also seek out professional help from business coaches, mentors and trainers to help build their success mindset and maintain this over time. This can be particularly helpful when aspiring to be or do something that others around them haven’t previously achieved.

        7. Smile

        Last of all, remember to smile. Life is to be enjoyed and a simple smile can do wonders. It can relieve stress, boost wellbeing, and make people feel more successful and confident. Best of all it will attract more smiles from those around, and that can’t fail to make leaders feel happy and successful.

        Melitta Campbell