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          EDHEC MBAs Go Back To Class With New Focus On Big Data, Artificial Intelligence

          This September heralds big changes at EDHEC, with a fresh MBA cohort and new courses in big data, artificial intelligence, and economic crime management

          With 39 different nations represented in an MBA cohort of 89, EDHEC Business School  in Nice boasts a highly-international cohort with a diverse range of professional backgrounds. As a result, it goes the extra mile in accommodating for each student.

          Behind the scenes though, there have been big changes at EDHEC. This academic year marks the introduction of a week-long course on big data and artificial intelligence, along with the continuation of the new economic crime management track, which was previously on a pilot scheme. There’s also a new modular amphitheatre.

          Karin Kollenz, the coordinator of the big data course, saw its increasing importance in the business world as the perfect opportunity to introduce it to the classroom.

          “We start by looking at the big picture, and then at how big data can help us through case studies”, she says. “We’ve also brought speakers in from Amadeus and Google to work with the students. I’m hoping it’ll lead to more projects with those companies, along with the integration of big data to other MBA modules at EDHEC.”

          Their economic crime management track, meanwhile, is geared towards helping MBAs analyse the risks generated by economic crime and develop risk management techniques. Lead by Prof. Bertrand Monnet, it’ll cover fraud, corruption, financial crime and cyber crime. 

          “The faculty and staff at EDHEC have done so much to help me feel more comfortable in Nice”, says Ryou Nagai, a Japanese MBA candidate with a background in non-profits.

          “Even though I’ve only just got here, I feel settled already. I got to know my classmates through a Facebook group created by EDHEC weeks before starting, and we also had plenty of activities in which we became closer, one of them being a two-day hike to the border of France and Italy”, he says.

          EDHEC also helped Ryou and his classmates sign up for French bank accounts and travel passes, and he’s already gotten into the habit of jogging on the beach before making the short walk to classes.

          “I’m looking to set up my own social venture in the future, as well as work with non-governmental organizations”, continues Ryou. “Not only will entrepreneurial classes at EDHEC help me, I’ve also been set up with a career coach specific to my needs.”

          Ryou isn’t the only new international student that feels settled though, Winston Green arrived from Canada a few weeks ago and immediately felt at home.

          “I started my career as a business analyst with Target Canada, and progressed pretty quickly before the company folded”, he says. “I then decided to travel in Colombia before working in business intelligence and eventually pursuing my MBA at EDHEC”.

          “The professors at EDHEC are amazing, and it is a truly international program”, Winston continues. “I love the incubators and start-up culture they have here at EDHEC, and there are plenty of opportunities to go abroad as well.”

          "It'll also be great to get more of a technical background in big data, and to understand the key concepts a little more", he says.

          Whereas Ryou and Winston are new to the program, EDHEC’s January cohort of MBAs have had a lot more time to embed themselves.

          Jonathan Orozco, an electrical engineer by trade, temporarily left his family business in Colombia to pursue an MBA.

          “I chose EDHEC to get out of my comfort zone and appreciate different perspectives,” he says. “They take care of you very well and you quickly get to know your classmates.”

          “I remember we had an international food fair, and I’ve had plenty of opportunities to go and experience different places with classmates, such as the entrepreneurship trip to San Francisco”.

          Armik Stepanyan, an Armenian entrepreneur and fellow January cohort member, agrees. “I came to EDHEC because it represented great value for money, given the trips on offer, MBA projects and the Careersmart Program.”

          It’s clear that EDHEC provide the same level of immersion no matter when you start your studies. “I don’t remember having any difficulties when I first moved to Nice, and EDHEC even helped some of my classmates find accommodation”, Armik says. “The admin team here are brilliantly helpful”.