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          The EMLYON Business School MBA Will Accelerate Your Career, Say Graduates

          We asked four EMLYON MBAs why they chose the prestigious business school — and what is has done for their careers

          Situated by the French Alps, EMLYON Business School offers a full-time MBA program that is run over 12 months. The International MBA is ranked in the top-100 worldwide by the FT. It’s taught in English and welcomes participants with an average of 7 years of work experience, 70% of whom are from a country other than France. 90% of graduates find jobs within three months.

          We asked four EMLYON MBAs why they chose the prestigious business school — and what is has done for their careers. Here’s what they told us:

          Sydney Martinie works as a strategy consultant for the Humankind Social Innovation Lab in Lyon

          I always knew I wanted to pursue a business degree after my undergrad, I just wanted to take my time experiencing life beforehand.

          The EMLYON International MBA focuses on entrepreneurship and actively seeks atypical profiles like mine. I’m a former circus artist — albeit one with an entrepreneurial background and more moxie than you can shake a stick at — and I needed a degree to help connect the dots. Business school gives you the analytical tools and framework to do that.

          The MBA was helpful in securing jobs after graduation; it indirectly gave me a network through Allyage [a foundation which helps students and alumni succeed in their careers] and French EMLYON alumnus Nicolas Pujol — a self-proclaimed nomad and a great guy, I might add — who currently lives and works in the US.

          Laurent Berro serves as a senior consultant at GreySpark Partners in London

          During my first day at EMLYON, I had the chance to participate and have an impact. As we were a small class — around 35 students — you got the chance to ask all your questions, and you got the chance to have all your questions answered.

          I was surprised by the strength of EMLYON’s training in entrepreneurship, from idea generation to the launch of your own company.

          The MBA taught me how to work in teams and that is a very valuable asset for my future career. This will definitely have an impact on my future jobs.

          I also learned how to develop strategy and developed analytical and consulting skills, which will definitely help me in future.

          During the ELP project, run during the MBA, I established a team of three people and we gave consulting services to Amaris, a growing consultancy firm based in Geneva, by developing an overseas office expansion strategy for them.

          This was a tremendous experience that helped me and my fellow classmates to more easily get into consulting. I’ve been living in London and my MBA from EMLYON has opened many doors and gave me the opportunity to interview — dozens of times — with major multinationals and consulting firms.

          Alessandro Ibelli leads the UK market for luxury cosmetics brand Institut Esthederm, part of Groupe NAOS

          As I come from a family of entrepreneurs, I grew up with this passion and this has helped to build my career. I decided that further education in entrepreneurship was needed.

          I made a good choice [picking EMLYON]. Strategy, marketing, finance, economics and all the other courses are focused on entrepreneurship. If one day you dream to open you own company, this is the business school for you.

          The class of 2015 was slightly above 30, which makes possible many synergies between candidates and professors, which one day will be your most important network. The classes were interactive and dynamic. The internationality of this class was just amazing; we came from 21 different countries. I never worked with such as multicultural team.

          The ELP is a leadership project that consists of a nine-month consulting project for a firm. You and your team will work closely with the company in order to complete a mission that usually concerns business development. In my case I had the honour to work for Salomon with the snowboard business unit. It was very cool!

          Grégori Bassaud is a director at top consumer services business Sodexo in Paris

          The school has a very good reputation in France and in Europe and overseas. But what impressed me most about EMLYON was the remarkable quality and diversity of the faculty. The school also places much emphasis on entrepreneurship. The commitment to this is strong. Also, the amazing alumni network and the devoted career service [were attractive].

          I really appreciated all the courses related to managing skills in a multicultural environment — in particular the personal development and the organizational behaviour courses. These courses were complemented with study trips, one to Geneva, related to world trade, and one to Finland to deal with innovation. After that, you feel comfortable joining an international firm.