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        What's Working In Big Tech Really Like?

        BusinessBecause took to the forums to find out what you can really expect from a job in big tech firms like Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple

        Technology is one of the most popular sectors for MBA grads. According to GMAC data, 39% of business school candidates want to enter the industry after their degree.

        And big tech companies are major recruiters for business schools. Google, Amazon, and Microsoft all featured in our list of organizations hiring the most MBAs in 2020.

        These companies promise exciting work at the cutting edge of tech—with high salaries and a range of enviable perks to boot. 

        But what’s it really like to work in big tech as an MBA? To find out, BusinessBecause asked anonymous grads on Reddit who work in big tech firms to weigh in. Here’s what they said.

        Your experience can vary widely even within the same company

        As with any job, your experience in big tech will be heavily influenced by who you’re working with. According to Reddit users, MBAs working at Amazon tend to have a better experience in finance compared to product or project managers (PMs).