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        Average GMAT Scores Increasing Among World’s Best Business Schools In 2022

        Most of the world's top 20 business schools, including the likes of Wharton and Stanford are reporting an increase in average GMAT scores for 2022

        Average GMAT scores at the world’s top business schools have increased in 2022. Averages rose at 12 of the top 20 business schools ranked by the Financial Times this year, including the likes of Stanford Graduate School of Business, and Columbia Business School. 

        All but one of the top 20 schools that reported increasing average GMAT scores were based in the US. The FT list is made up of 14 US business schools. 

        Averages have been on an upward trajectory in recent years, with top US schools like Stanford and The Wharton School breaking records in 2019 and 2021. 

        The record for the highest average GMAT score has been broken again in 2022, with Stanford reporting an average GMAT score of 738, five higher than its previously held record of 733. 

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