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          GMAT Score Range For Top Business Schools Like Stanford & Harvard

          Find out what the GMAT score range is for top business schools like Harvard and Stanford, and what GMAT score to aim for to get accepted

          The GMAT is one of the most important aspects of a business school application; a quality indicator for schools when measuring your suitability for an MBA program.

          GMAT score ranges tell you what both the lowest and highest scoring students in an MBA class earned on their GMAT exam.

          Like average GMAT scores, when applying to a top MBA program, understanding the range of GMAT scores which current students at your target school submitted and were accepted for will help you understand what GMAT score you should aim for.

          Applying to business school can become expensive, and if your GMAT score is significantly below a school’s GMAT test score range, it may not be worth applying. 

          By analyzing GMAT score ranges, you can determine which schools you have a higher chance of getting into, or where you may need to increase your score to get accepted.

          GMAT score range for global top MBAs