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          GMAT Online Exam | Everything You Need To Know

          You can register to take the GMAT Online Exam from home as an alternative to the test center GMAT

          The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), owner and administrator of the GMAT, released the GMAT Online Exam, to help business school candidates complete their applications during the coronavirus pandemic.

          You can register to take the GMAT at home, online, with around-the-clock testing appointments available through 2022. 

          The test is available in impacted markets globally, excluding markets limited by regulatory restrictions: Mainland China, Iran, Cuba, Sudan, and North Korea.

          First launched as a temporary solution, the GMAT Online Exam is now a permanent solution and comparable to the test center GMAT. 

          The latest version of the GMAT Online Exam includes the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA).

          How does the GMAT Online exam work?

          The GMAT is the premier admission test for business schools, used as a quality indicator when measuring your suitability for an MBA or master's program.

          Previously, you were only able to sit the GMAT exam in test centers. However, coronavirus (or COVID-19) forced the closure of GMAT test centers worldwide.

          With the GMAT Online Exam, candidates can continue to apply for business school in a...

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          Saturday 6th August 2022, 18.40 (UTC)


          Buenas tardes! Un ingeniero que desea realizar un MBA en el área administrativa, puede presentar este exámen de forma virtual? . Es posible, realizar un entrenamiento previo antes de hacerlo? Que costo tendría y si es posible realizarlo on line? Gracías.