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              VIDEO: MBA Students To Judge Super Bowl 2020 Commercials

              On the biggest night of the year for US commercials, MBA students and professors take a step back to ask: what makes a Super Bowl ad succeed or flop?

              At Kellogg School of Management, MBA students are gearing up to watch the big game this Sunday. But it’s not the football they’ll be focusing on—it’s the Super Bowl Ads. 

              Every year, about 65 MBA students assess these ads live as part of the Super Bowl Ad Review.

              Co-created by Dr Tim Calkins and Dr Derek Rucker, two professors of marketing at Kellogg, the ad review uses a consistent framework called ADPLAN to give each advert a grade from A to F.

              “Their goal is to evaluate whether these ads are strategically sound,” Derek explains. The evaluation covers six key criteria, including how attention-grabbing the ad is, how memorable it is, and how unique it is. 

              Hear more from Derek and Tim in the video below.



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