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        Masters In Management Salary | What Could You Earn?

        What can you expect from a Master's in Management salary in 2022? Find out what your salary prospects are after graduating from these top programs

        Masters in Management (MiM) degrees are some of the most popular business masters, but they come at a cost. MiM courses at top-ranked schools tend to cost between $35,000 and $50,000, around the same as a one-year MBA at some business schools.

        A MiM is a significant investment, but the good news is that you can earn your money back, and then some, after graduation!

        Read on to find out what your Master’s in Management salary could be after graduation. 

        Top Masters in Management salaries

        According to the latest Financial Times rankings, the average ‘weighted salary’ (average salaries three years after graduation) for graduates from the top 20 MiM programs worldwide is $111,584.

        The school with the highest salary is the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore at $144,178. This is an average salary increase of 36% for students, compared with what they earned before the MiM. 

        Across the top 100 programs ranked by the FT, MiM graduates see between a 21% and massive 112% increase in their earnings. As of 2022, the highest-earning MiM alumni from schools in Europe are graduates from the top-ranked University of St Gallen, whose average weighted salary sits at $138,091.

        At Germany's WHU Otto Beisheim School Of Management, graduates earn on average $118,385. At HEC Paris, graduates earn an average salary of $118,999 after three years.

        Elsewhere, graduates from ESMT Berlin, ESADE , and London Business School earn average salaries of $97,462, $97,485, $103,489.