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        10 Best Masters In Management In Europe 2022

        The birthplace of the Master in Management, Europe is home to some of the world’s best MiMs. Here are the 10 best Masters in Management in Europe in 2022

        While its big brother, the MBA, began in the US, the Master in Management originated in Europe. Since its inception, European business schools have dominated Master in Management rankings. 

        If you’re considering applying for a top MiM program in 2023, it’s the same story. 

        The most recent Financial Times ranking of the top 100 MiM programs worldwide included just three US business schools and seven schools in Asia. The vast majority of top-ranked schools, including all of the top ten programs were in Europe. 

        Here are the 10 best Masters in Management in Europe in 2022, according to the FT ranking. 

        10. ESMT Berlin

        Having moved up the ranking for a place in the top 10, the ESMT Berlin Master in Management program is now the best in Germany, according to the Financial Times. 

        With Germany the host of a number of innovative industries, the two-year program at ESMT includes tracks in Innovative Management and Quantitative Business as well as participation in a Social Impact Project. 

        The ESMT MiM is host to a diverse cohort with 82% international students and 46% women. From their cohort, 91% say their career goals were achieved upon graduating with 94% being employed within three months. 

        9. EMLyon Business School 

        Also gaining a place in the top 10 this year is France’s EMLyon Business School. Lyon is the second largest student city in France and a well-established business hub across industries like banking chemical and pharmaceuticals. 

        Students on the Master in Management program can opt to study for two or three years in a cohort comprised of 70 nationalities and 46% women. 

        Within three months of graduating, 96% of students were employed and earning a 58% increase on their salaries averaging an impressive $96,500.  

        8. University College Dublin: Smurfit

        The MSc in International Management at Ireland’s University College Dublin Smurfit Graduate Business School includes a ten-week international internship as part of the 16-month program. Students also take part in an Intercultural Development Program to prepare to enter a global job market.

        MiM students can also take advantage of the top-ranked career service, which helps 94% of students secure jobs within three months of graduation. Smurfit MiM students can expect to see a salary increase of 62% between enrollment and graduation with average earnings of $93,500. 

        7. London Business School

        A consistent performer across all of its business masters programs and the most popular business school in the UK, London Business School offers an intensive, one-year MiM program. 

        LBS MiM students benefit from the schools’ strong reputation and world-class career service, which sees 93% of students employed within three months of graduation. A further 91%  report the program helps them achieve their aims after graduation. 

        The school’s pedigree helps students earn huge salaries, averaging at a huge $103,500 three years after graduation. 

        6. ESSEC Business School 

        One of four French business schools in the top 10, Essec Business School has stayed consistent in line with its place in last year’s ranking. The two-year Master in Management program is taught from both the school’s French campus, near Paris, and in Singapore. 

        The highly flexible curriculum includes a variety of specializations and elective opportunities in Sustainability and Impact, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, or Digital Business. After honing their career interests, grads can expect to earn huge salaries of around $97,000 within three years. 

        With such impressive salaries, it’s no surprise that almost 90% of students report that the program helped achieve their aims after graduation. 

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        5. ESCP Business School

        Another top MiM offered in France, ESCP Business School’s Master in Management gives students the chance to study at six different campuses in Europe including Berlin, London, or Madrid. 

        Students on the program take part extensively in internships and apprenticeships which see them graduate with nine month’s professional experience under their belt. This experience means that 99% of ESCP MiM students secure roles after three months, the highest on this list. 

        In these roles, grads can expect a salary of around $95,700. 

        4. Stockholm School of Economics 

        Making its way towards the top three, the MiM at Stockholm School of Economics is Sweden’s best Master in Management degree. 

        The two-year program attracts students from around the world, with the class of 2022 including representatives from Taiwan, Singapore, and Lithuania. It is also one of the most gender diverse programs on the list with 55% female students. 

        Come the end of the program, 87% of students are employed within three months, earning salaries that average at $92,000. 

        3. Erasmus University, Rotterdam School of Management

        Studying for one year, students on the Master in Management at the Erasmus University, Rotterdam School of Management are part of a cohort comprising 78% international students. 

        After taking part in experiential courses such as the Entrepreneurial Challenge and Consultancy Project during the program, 97% of students see themselves employed three months after graduation. Within these roles, grads average huge salaries of around $102,000. 

        2. HEC Paris 

        Keeping its reputation as one of the most prestigious French Grandes Ecoles, HEC Paris offers a two-year MiM which is highly customizable with 20 specializations and 20 dual degree options. 

        The highly-ranked career service helps HEC students secure roles in popular industries including consulting, finance, and technology. Some of the top recruiters of HEC Paris MiM students include Amazon, Goldman Sachs, and Boston Consulting Group. 

        Securing these connections will set students back $50,000, making it the most expensive program on the list. 

        However, with the school’s reputation and connections helping propel students into lucrative careers, students can expect a solid Return on Investment. The average salary of HEC Paris MiM grads is a huge $118,000 which is approximately a 77% increase between enrollment and graduation, the highest of any school on this list. 

        1. University of St Gallen 

        University of St Gallen’s world-renowned MA in Strategy and International Management is a hugely impressive and affordable MiM degree, securing it a place yet again at the top of the FT global ranking. 

        The program is also one of the cheapest in this list, costing just $10,440 for international students for the 18 month duration. For domestic Swiss residents, the figure is even less at around $4,500. Such cheap fees mean St Gallen SIM students see incredible return on their investment, with average salaries of $138,000 within three years of graduation. This makes them the highest earners not only on this list but worldwide in the FT ranking. 

        The University of St Gallen careers service is also ranked as number one, and the cohort welcomes 25 nationalities and 53% female students.  

        Enroll in any of these top-ranked Masters in Management degrees to unlock higher salaries and greater career potential. You'll also open yourself up to a wealth of opportunities to travel, meet new people, and develop your knowledge and skills. 

        All images are sourced from business school Facebook pages. All statistics are sourced from the Financial Times Master in Management ranking 2022, or business school websites. 

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