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        Master In Management: USA Vs Europe

        Should you choose a Master in Management in the USA or Europe? Find out the key differences in cost, job opportunities, salaries, and program quality between MiMs in the US and Europe

        If you’re looking to build the skills and connections needed to kickstart your managerial career, look no further than a Master in Management (MIM).

        MiMs teach a generalist business curriculum covering management, marketing, and everything in-between. They offer the chance to network with employers, recruiters, and industry leaders, while also providing you with internship and job opportunities. 

        But where's the best place to study? Should you study a Master in Management in the USA? Or is a MiM in Europe a better choice?

        There are several criteria you need to consider before deciding where to study your Master in Management. While European schools dominate the Financial Times Master in Management ranking each year, cost, job opportunities, and program quality are also key factors. 

        Here’s how to choose between the USA and Europe for your Master in Management.