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              Getting Into Business School—9 MBA Admissions Tips From The Students Who’ve Done It

              Applying to business school this year? Read MBA admissions tips from successful b-school alums

              Getting into business school can be a challenge, whether you’re applying to a top MBA program or not. The MBA application and admissions process is time-consuming, stressful, and resource-intensive.

              After making a significant personal investment to get into graduate school, most prospective students want some type of return—admission to a decent school, at the very least.

              And while there are plenty of experts touting tips like ‘research schools thoroughly’ or ‘study for the GMAT’, generic advice is not what the business-savvy applicants need.

              For this reason, MBAInsight.com has scoured the comments section of their website and come up with nine of the best MBA admissions tips from current MBA students:

              1. Start The Process Early

              There’s nothing worse than scrambling to put together a half-baked strategy for applying to good schools that have access to the best and brightest minds from all over the world. From a Chicago Booth MBA:

              “Start the whole process early. Give yourself time for setbacks, delays, and more diligence on the schools. You'll be spending the next two years of your life at one of the schools you're applying to, so you might as well make an informed decision.”

              2. Get The GMAT Done First

              The GMAT is one of the cornerstones of your MBA resume. Most schools won’t even consider a candidate if he/she doesn’t fit their initial screening criteria, so make sure you prepare and give yourself enough time to retake the exam if you don’t get the score you think you deserve. From an MBA candidate at Vanderbilt’s Owen School of Management: