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        Artificial Intelligence Should Be Top Priority For Business Schools In 2019, Say MBAs

        MBA students predict how the degree will change this year, and how it should change

        Artificial Intelligence (AI) was one of the hottest topics across MBA campuses in 2018. This year is set to be no different.

        The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) takes place in Las Vegas in January and AI is expected to make its presence felt across every category of a show which exhibits close to 4,400 different companies: evidence of AI's influence on every industry, not just the tech sector. 

        Indeed, when we asked MBAs about their predictions for the future of the MBA in 2019, many of them pointed to more focus on learning about AI as the key change that will—or should—happen.

        Here’s how MBA students from around the world expect the degree to change in 2019:

        Artificial Intelligence will be a key focus

        “Given the speed of change in technology and its impact on businesses, I suspect that the big trends in MBAs will include artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and big data analytics,” says Liqian Lim, a recent graduate from the full-time MBA program at INSEAD.

        Before her MBA, Liqian headed up the...

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