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            2020-21 MBA Application Deadlines For The World’s Best Business Schools

            The 2020-21 MBA application deadlines are out! Plan your application with our list of MBA application deadlines for the world’s best business schools

            Are you considering an MBA? Check out our list of 2020-21 MBA application deadlines for the world’s top business schools.

            The MBA application cycle is typically divided into several rounds, although every business school is different. The traditional three-round application process has been extended to four, and even five, at some business schools.

            Whatever your situation—and especially if you’re an international applicant or want to stand the best chance of getting a scholarship—you’ll need to understand what the different application rounds mean.

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            MBA Application Deadlines & COVID-19

            COVID-19 might make applying for business school more competitive in 2020-21:

            - There will be new entrants to the MBA market in 2020-21 as people who’ve lost their jobs  due to COVID-19 consider MBA programs.

            - Candidates who decided against applying in the later rounds of the last MBA application cycle may now apply in R1 2020 for a 2021 start.

            - Some candidates who were set to start their MBA in late 2020 deferred until 2021.

            However, if your application is strong enough, you can still get into a top MBA program in 2020-21, so don’t panic! There may also be fewer candidates applying to US MBA programs this cycle due to visa issues and coronavirus. If you’re an international candidate applying for the US, your profile could stand out.