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            What Is An MBA All About?

            What is an MBA? We break down everything you need to know when considering an MBA, including the MBA application process, cost, rankings, and jobs

            What is an MBA degree? It’s the world’s most popular graduate management degree program. Employers overwhelmingly agree that it prepares you well to succeed at their companies. But how do you know an MBA is right for you? 

            MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. There are plenty of factors to consider when deciding on doing your MBA, including MBA admission requirements, cost, curriculum, finding out which schools are the best fit and what you can do with an MBA too.

            Below, we run you through the key things to think about as you research top MBA programs, and we hear from MBA admissions directors and students to get their advice and find out more about their MBA experiences.

            MBA application process

            Applying for an MBA involves a number of stages, and each school will have admissions requirements to meet. 

            As well as an undergraduate degree, most MBA candidates will have a few years professional experience under their belt before they start and a clear idea of how an MBA will benefit them.

            “Research is critical,” says leading MBA admissions consultant Karin Ash. “For each school application you will need to explain how that particular program enhances your goals.”

            You’ll have to complete an admissions test, most commonly the GMAT or the GRE. These tests assess your critical thinking, analytical skills, verbal reasoning and data analysis, and will take some preparation to ace, so it’s best to get studying early.

            Most schools will require a strong score on this test and it is used as a fair measuring stick for applicants, who will be applying from a variety of backgrounds. 

            GPA = Grade Point Average for your undergraduate degree (US)

            You’ll also be asked for your CV, and to write MBA application essays, and/or a personal statement, and to attend an MBA interview

            This is your chance to explain what you want out of your MBA, and how you would make a valuable member of your chosen school.  

            “Be yourself, not someone you think we are looking for,” advises Chad Losee, admissions director of Harvard Business School (pictured).

            "Strong candidates come from all different backgrounds and industries. What they have in common is a habit of leadership in past and current endeavours, analytical appetite and curiosity, and a penchant for contributing to the success of a community.

            "We want to get to know each applicant and to try to understand how s/he will contribute in our classrooms and in our community."