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        7 Myths About Applying To Business School During COVID-19

        Applying for MBA and master’s programs is a little different right now. Here’s the biggest misconceptions candidates have about applying for business school during COVID-19

        The impact of COVID-19 on the business school application process affects us all differently. To get a sense of the implications, you need to work out how they impact your application. Sweeping generalizations won’t help you to weigh up the value proposition of business school. 

        In our BusinessBecause MBA Application Guide 2020-21, we explain how COVID-19 could make applying for business school more competitive this cycle. We also list the latest MBA application deadlines to help you plan your business school application for a 2021 start.

        With coronavirus, applying to business school is a little different. If you’re considering an MBA or master’s program, you should be aware of some of the most common misconceptions candidates have about applying to business school right now:

        Applying to business school during COVID-19 | 7 Myths

        Myth 1: The process is less competitive

        While there are probably fewer international students applying right now, due in part to issues with visas, business school applications tend to be counter-cyclical to the economy. When people are losing their jobs, or need to upskill to be more competitive, business school applications rise.