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            Webinar | How Can An MBA Change Your Career?

            Considering an MBA to boost your career? In this webinar, we discuss how an MBA can transform your job prospects

            In this BusinessBecause Presents webinar, hosted with Athena School of Management, we ask the question 'How Can An MBA Change Your Career?'. We speak to Aditya Singh, director of Athena School of Management, as well as Vibhuti Desai, a current student on Athena's PGPM (MBA equivalent). 

            While an MBA is a significant investment, the impact on your career will more than compensate. If you're looking to accelerate your career promotion, switch jobs, or maximize your salary, then an MBA could be perfect for you. 

            Key takeaways from this webinar

            ⇨ Find out what exciting job prospects open up for MBA graduates

            ⇨ Understand how an MBA is key to helping you make a career switch