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              H1B Visa Alternatives: 4 Ways You Can Still Get A Job In The United States

              Rules are tightening around the H-1B visa scheme, but it’s not the only option for MBAs who want to work in the US. We compiled a list of four alternatives

              Fresh changes to US immigration rules have increased the odds of overseas MBA students gaining US work authorization by over 10%, but only 48% of 1,200 employers polled by GMAC before the reforms were rolled out said they would hire MBA graduates from abroad this year. 

              One factor in this reluctance is the tightening of the rules governing the competitive H-1B visa scheme for skilled migrants. 

              Denials and requests for further documentation have surged of late, delaying employment and increasing legal fees. This is one reason for the sharp drop in applications to even elite MBA programs in the US for the second year running.

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