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        Top Professionals Reveal How Warwick MBA Benefited Them

        Alumni from Warwick Business School explain how the MBA has worked in practise.

        Warwick Business school has launched a new video project where alumni explain how studying an MBA has changed their lives.

        So far they’ve had submissions from former students in very interesting places. Here are some of the highlights:

        Steven Falk, former Marketing Director of Manchester Utd
        "I started in the motoring industry, transferred over the pharmaceuticals sector, worked in energy distribution, banking and financial services before finding my way into sports marketing.

        “I guess the main driver of all that was my Warwick MBA, because without having that qualification and without having that experience it would've been really difficult to have transferred across those sectors."

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        Mark Heraghty, Managing Director of Virgin Media Business
        "One of the real advantages I've found with an MBA is that nobody can pull the wool over your eyes."

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        Geoff Cousins, MD of Jaguar UK
        “It didn’t open doors in terms of ‘you’ve done an MBA so you’re getting a raise or this opportunity’. What it did for me was to take me out of the finance mindset.”

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        Birmingham Airport CEO Paul Kehoe
        “The thing the MBA taught me was challenge management… It’s all very well accepting things at face value, but sometimes you just need to have that critical eye. That’s what the MBA gives you.”

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        Natasha Higman, Principal Advisor at KPMG
        “I learned at Warwick that there’s far more to [marketing finance and other business topics] than the preconception.”

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