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          The Highest Paying Boutique Consulting Firms

          Here are the top 25 boutique consulting firms offering MBA graduates a starting salary of $155k or more

          Boutique consulting firms offer MBA graduates lucrative salaries and hefty performance and signing bonuses. 

          Boutique firms are smaller than the Big Three consulting firms of McKinsey, Bain, and Boston Consulting Group. They typically have close connections with local clients or a specific area of expertise. 

          Consultants may specifically focus on telecommunications and the media industry, for example, or solely work with clients in the clean energy space. These companies are a good fit for MBA grads with an interest in consulting and a specific professional background or area of interest.

          Here, we break down the 25 highest paying boutique consulting firms, based on compensation data for MBAs from Management Consulted

          All the firms in this list offer MBAs a base starting salary of $155,000 or more.

          Boutique Consulting Firms With The Highest MBA Salaries

          25. Capgemini Invent

          Capgemini is a French boutique consultancy headquartered in Paris. Capgemini Invent is the digital innovation and transformation brand of the Capgemini group, it combines elements such as strategy, data science, and creative design when advising clients. 

          Capgemini Invent offers MBA consultants starting salaries of $155,000. 

          Capgemini Invent MBA consultants can also expect a $12,400 signing bonus, along with performance bonuses maxing out at $10k.

          24. MasterCard Advisors

          MasterCard Advisors is a boutique consultancy specializing in offering services to financial institutions. It largely focuses on payment and customer engagement strategy consulting.

          MBA consultants at MasterCard Advisors can earn substantial compensation packages. Base salaries start at $155,000, with the prospect of performance bonuses amounting to over $26k. 

          23. Compass Lexecon

          Compass Lexecon is a boutique consulting firm focusing on economic consulting for law firms, corporations, and governments. It pays incoming MBA hires a base salary of up to $160,000.

          22. Credera

          Credera is a global consultancy focused on focused on strategy, data, cloud, transformation, and engineering. It partners with some of the world’s largest companies, alongside emerging firms and government departments. 

          Credera pays incoming MBA consultants base salaries of $160,000. 

          21. IBM Global Business Services/IBM Consulting 

          From interactive experience and digital strategy to cloud application innovation, mutinational company, IBM, focuses on technology consulting to a range of leading clients. 

          IBM MBA consultants can expect a starting base salary of up to $160,000 after being hired, with a signing bonus of $35,000 and performance bonuses up to $16k. 

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