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            The 25 Best Companies For Diversity And Inclusion

            Where do you want to work after your MBA? From tech to finance to education, here are the best companies for diversity and inclusion in the US today according to Forbes

            Diversity is a hot topic on business school campuses and rightfully so.

            67% of job seekers consider workplace diversity an important element of employment according to Glassdoor, and over 50% of employees want to see their workplace do more to encourage diversity. 

            Major companies across the world have been held accountable for the lack of inclusivity and diversity in the workplace. 

            In 2018, 45% of US workers experienced some form of discrimination or harassment and only 55% of people felt their company had policies that promoted diversity and inclusion. 

            But which employers are getting it right?

            Here are the 25 best companies for diversity and inclusion in the USA, according to America's Best Employers For Diversity ranking by Forbes.

            Best Companies For Diversity & Inclusion

            50,000 Americans were asked to identify companies they thought were most dedicated to diversity and inclusion. Other metrics include the diversity of company boards and executive teams, and the most proactive diversity and inclusion initiatives.

            25. University of Central Florida

            Founded in 1968, the University of Central Florida in Orlando has 13,500 employees. 48% of the company’s employees are non-white. The University of Central Florida is leading the way in diversity initiatives such as training courses, workshops and multicultural support services.  

            24. American Express

            © wellesenterprises via iStock

            Established in 1850, American Express now has 64,500 employees. In October of 2020 the company endeavoured to create 100% pay equity for colleagues globally and increased its funding towards community organizations advancing racial equality and social justice. 

            23. Northeastern University

            © northeastern Facebook

            Based in Chicago and established in 1898, Northeastern has 6,161 employees. In its 2025 Institutional Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan, the university sets out its aims to increase diversity and representation at all levels, to elevate the President’s Council on Diversity and Inclusion, and to improve university-wide accountability. 

            22. Consumers Energy

            Established in 1886, this utilities company has 8,789 employees. According to Angela Thompkins, vice president and diversity officer, Consumers Energy 'boldly and unapologetically stand for a diverse, inclusive workplace where everyone's ideas and contributions are heard and valued, and where everyone feels they belong'.

            21. Pfizer

            © Alexandros Michailidis via iStock

            Now a household name due to its collaboration on a groundbreaking COVID-19 vaccine, Pfizer is an impressive drug and biotechnology institution with over 88,000 employees. Established in 1849, the company now is aiming to increase the representation of women from 33% to 47% globally by 2025.

            By 2025, Pfizer is also aiming to increase minority representation from 19% to 25%.

            20. Progressive

            Insurance company Progressive has received multiple awards for its diversity and inclusion work including ‘Best Workplaces For Women: Great Place to Work’ in 2020 and ’25 Best Companies for Latinos to Work: Latino Leaders’ in 2021.

            19. Procter & Gamble

            With 99,000 employees, pharma giant Procter & Gamble has impressive diversity statistics with 48% of management made up of women. 41% of the company's Global Leadership Council is women.

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            18. Erie Insurance

            Founded in 1925 in Pennsylvania, Erie Insurance has 5,800 employees. Erie Insurance’s diversity strategy is led and guided by its Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Council. 

            CEO Tim NeCastro is also one of more than 2,000 CEOs to sign the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge, the largest CEO-driven business commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion within the workplace.

            17. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

            MSK provides cancer treatments, care, immunotherapy, and surgery. Founded in 1884, the company now employs 20,500 people. MSK has a prominent Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Council headed up by Tomya Watt and Edward K Avila.

            16. 3M

            Packaged goods company 3M was founded in 1902 and currently employs 93,000 people. It offers several employee resource networks focusing on women in leadership and fostering awareness and understanding of the LGBTQ community. 

            15. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Centre

            This Cincinnati hospital was founded in 1883 and currently employs 16,188. The hospital offers the William K. Schulbert Minority Nursing Scholarship and has an organization-wide mentoring program to encourage social mobility. 

            14. Adobe

            © Bjorn Bakstad via iStock

            Adobe is one of the biggest IT, internet and software service companies in the world, with 22,000 employees. Founded in 1982, 34% of the company is made up of women and in 2020 18% of US new hires were members of an under-represented minority.

            13. Paypal

            © bennymarty via iStock

            Paypal has 11,200 members of staff. 56% of the workforce is diverse and the company maintains 100% pay equity according to its 2020 Global Impact Report. 

            12. Washington University, St Louis

            Washington University, St Louis was founded in 1853 and currently employs 8,900 people. The university has committed to confronting bias, charting progress, planning an inclusive future and creating a more accessible campus for all. 

            11. VMware

            Tech company VMware was founded in 1998 in California and its parent organization is Dell Technologies. It currently employs 31,000 people and in its 2021 Inclusion and Diversity report, it was shared that at least one in three international hires will identify as a woman. Furthermore, one in seven hires in the USA will identify as an under-represented minority. 

            10. Interpublic Group (IPG)

            Media and advertising organization Interpublic Group was founded in 1930 and is home to a huge 54,000 employees. 22% of the IPG management team are people of color. In 2021 IPG was also named in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index which tracks the performance of public companies committed to disclosing its efforts to support gender equality for the second time. 

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            © HKU Facebook

            9. Aflac

            Insurance company Aflac has headquarters in Columbus, Georgia and was founded in 1955 by Bill, Paul and John Amos. 64% of the Aflac board are members of ethnic minorities or are women and 66% of US employees are women. Aflac currently has 4,712 employees.

            8. Boston Scientific

            Healthcare equipment and service provider Boston Scientific was founded in 1973 and currently has 17,000 employees. There are several employee organizations to join that promote diversity including the vital organization ‘Leadership, Education and Allies For Disabilities’. 

            7. University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS)

            Founded in 1879, this university now employs 10,000 people. The UAMS Division for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion received a grant of $800,000 to support the community Pathways Academy, aimed at improving access to STEM roles. 

            6. SAS Institute

            This tech company was founded in 1976 and employs 6,908 people. SAS Institute work to attract diverse new hires and has a high-quality internship program. Employees volunteer their time to run employability events at diverse careers fairs, workshops and conferences.

            5. Fidelity Investments

            Fidelity Investments is a popular banking and financial services firm with 41,329 employees. Fidelity Investments is a signatory of the UN LGBT+ Standards of Conduct for Business and promote visible LGBTQ role models and allies internally and externally.

            4. University of Alabama, Birmingham

            © UAB.edu Facebook

            The AWARE program at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, provides disability-management services for when an employee’s job is affected by a physical, mental, or emotional impairment. The University also has an active Veteran recruitment program. 

            3. Quicken Loans

            This lender has 15,600 employees and was founded in 1985. It now is leading the way in community support and diversity with the Quicken Loans Community Fund. The company has aided in the stabilization of the Detroit housing market and has helped the local area with programs such as ‘Rehabbed and Ready’.

            2. Booz Allen Hamilton

            Booz Allen Hamilton works with Disability:IN—a nonprofit with the goal of expanding opportunities for working people with disabilities. The company recently scored 100% on Disability:IN's 'Best Placed to Work for Disability Inclusion' criteria. Founded in 1914, it has 26,300 members of staff. 

            1. JLL

            ©Marlon Trottman

            As a member of Stonewall's Diversity Champion program, this commercial, residential and industrial real estate giant, has taken steps to create a more inclusive workplace. JLL provides employee networks for apprentices, those who are LGBT or gender non-conforming, women, neurodiverse employees, and employees of color. It is also one of Stonewall's Top Trans Employers

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