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          10 Resume Tips From Careers Experts | CV Guide + Free Resume Templates

          Get top resume tips from b-school careers experts and free CV templates in our BusinessBecause Resume Guide: 10 Steps To A Winning Resume 2022

          Download our BusinessBecause Resume Guide: 10 Steps To A Winning Resume 2022, where we reveal expert resume tips, for a CV that recruiters will remember.

          From our CV guide you’ll:

          - Get a detailed, step-by-step breakdown of what you need to do to ensure your resume is job or business school ready

          - Receive top advice from top corporate recruiters and business school careers experts

          - Access three downloadable and editable resume templates to help you get off to a flying start

          Download the full BusinessBecause Resume Guide: 10 Steps To A Winning Resume

          Expert resume tips—step by step

          The average hiring manager looks at your resume for just 7.4 seconds, so how can you build a resume that will grab their attention and make you memorable?

          If you're wondering how to write a resume that stands out, you're not alone. To find out what makes a resume great, BusinessBecause turned to career experts at leading business schools around the world.

          We took their advice, and turned it into a step-by-step guide for crafting a strong resume that recruiters will remember. 

          Here are some of their most important resume writing tips for making your professional or business school resume stand out to recruiters and admissions teams. 

          Resume tip 1: Include relevant information only

          The first step toward a winning resume is knowing what to include—and what to omit.

          Start with the basics: your name, email, phone number, and LinkedIn profile, as well as any relevant qualifications.

          After these fundamental details, the bulk of your resume should be dedicated to work experience. Rather than spelling out all your responsibilities at each role, experts recommend using quantitative information to demonstrate your impact.

          Resume tip 2: Avoid too much information

          Although including enough detail is important, be wary of oversharing, or trying to cram every experience you’ve ever had onto just a page or two.

          “The resume is a marketing tool; it’s not your autobiography,” explains Stephen Rakas, executive director at the Tepper School of Business Masters Career Center.

          Resume tip 3: Keep it to one or two pages

          How long should your resume be?

          According to Margaret O’Neill, head of careers at Cambridge Judge Business School, you should aim for one page if you have less than 10 years’ work experience, or two pages if you have more than 10 years.

          Margaret's resume advice involved sticking to this concise format that will help the reader understand your profile more quickly.

          For more resume tips and tricks, and free CV templates, download our BusinessBecause Resume Guide: 10 Steps To A Winning Resume In 2022.