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        The 12 European B-Schools With The Fastest Return On Investment, According To The Financial Times

        Which Continental business schools give you the most bang for your buck?

        An MBA is a pricey proposition.

        The degree can launch you into a lucrative career, but it will cost you.  

        Business school alumni from the top 100 MBA programs were paid $142,000 in 2016, three years after donning their graduation caps.

        However, fees are now equivalent to 8.7 months’ gross annual salary three years after graduation.

        When adding living expenses, and the opportunity cost of leaving a job to study full-time, the bill for a two-year degree in the US exceeds a whopping $300,000.

        European business schools offer a faster return on investment, as programs there are generally one-year in duration.

        The Financial Times ranked the 100 best global MBA programs according to career progression, research and diversity.

        We chopped the data into value for money.

        Below, are the 12 MBA programs in Europe that offer the most bang for your buck.

        Tuition is quoted in local currencies. 

        1. Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

        Average Salaries: $164,741

        Tuition: £51,000

        Program Length: 12 months

        2. ESMT Berlin

        Average Salaries: $108,360

        Tuition: 38,000

        Program Length: 12 months


        3. EDHEC Business School

        Average Salaries: $113,502

        Tuition: €41,000

        Program Length: 10 months

        4. University of Strathcylde Business School

        Average Salaries: $98,105

        Tuition: £28,000

        Program Length: 12 months

        5. Lancaster University School of Management 

        Average Salaries: $114,220

        Tuition: £29,000

        Program Length: 12 months

        6. Durham University Business School

        Average Salaries: $104,321

        Tuition: £28,000

        Program Length: 12 months

        7. IMD

        Average Salaries: $154,511

        Tuition: CHF 60,000

        Program Length: 11 months

        8. Cranfield School of Management

        Average Salaries: $123,773

        Tuition: £36,000

        Program Length: 13 months

        9. INSEAD

        Average Salaries: $167,657

        Tuition: €77,000

        Program Length: 12 months

        10. Vlerick Business School

        Average Salaries: $97,960

        Tuition: €38,000

        Program Length: 12 months

        11. Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

        Average Salaries: $120,625

        Tuition: €47,000

        Program Length: 12 months

        12. Mannheim Business School

        Average Salaries: $113,829

        Tuition: €36,000

        Program Length: 12 months