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        The 15 Best Business Schools In The World According To Times Higher Education

        B-school is virtually a pre-requisite for aspiring leaders — but which are best?

        A business school degree is virutally a pre-requisite for an aspiring corporate leader. About two-fifths of chief executives at Fortune 500 companies are MBAs, the three-letter acronym for the flagship degree that can launch you into fulfilling careers in finance, consulting, finance, and many more industries. 

        But which business schools are best? 

        That answer largely depends on which league table you subscribe to. Times Higher Education, the UK magazine, this week released a new ranking of business schools. Stanford Graduate School of Business came up trumps, with MIT Sloan and Oxford University’s Said Business School in second and third place respectively. 

        The ranking is dominated by US and UK universities. In the top-10 are London Business School and University of Cambridge of Britain, and Harvard, Chicago, Northwestern Kellogg and Wharton School in America. 

        But there are notable places for business schools in Asia, with HKUST, Peking University and the National University of Singapore all in the top-20. 

        THE based its rankings on teaching (30.9%), research (32.6%), research citations (25%), international outlook (9%), and innovation (2.5%). 

        Research, the largest part of THE’s ranking, is a useful indicator of a business school’s success. Research provides students with leading ideas that can form the basis of teaching. However, most business school rankings, such as the Financial Times’, focus on career outcomes as they are more important to MBA candidates, according to surveys.

        Still, the THE ranking is a useful indicator of academic rigour. Here are the top-15 business schools, according to THE.