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          Online MBA Guide 2022 | Everything You Need To Know About Online MBAs

          Find out everything you need to know about studying an Online MBA in 2022

          Download the free Online MBA Guide 2022, where we reveal everything you need to know about Online MBAs with key advice from students, faculty, and admissions experts. 

          In our guide you'll find a breakdown of the key advantages of studying an Online MBA, along with a step by step guide to your Online MBA application, and a list of the world's best Online MBAs in 2022. 

          Considering an Online MBA? 

          Download our Online MBA Guide 2022

          Online MBAs: What you need to know

          43% of Online MBA programs saw applications rise in 2021

          44% is the average % of international students among the Financial Times top 10 programs

          84% of business school graduates say their professional situation improved after their degree

          1.5-4 years is the average amount of time taken to complete one of the FT top 10 programs

          Key advantages of an Online MBA

          We at BusinessBecause witnessed how Online MBA programs grew in popularity during the pandemic. But even now that campuses have reopened and in-person teaching has returned, many students are still opting for Online MBAs.

          In our free BusinessBecause Online MBA Guide 2022, we reveal the key advantages that are continuing to attract students and drive the growth of Online MBAs. 

          ⇨1. Flexibility to balance work/home life  

          An Online MBA gives you the flexibility to study while you work during evenings, weekends, or for specific periods during the year. 

          Many programs offer the opportunity to study over a number of years, allowing you to balance your professional, home, and learning life. 

          “For some students a sudden spike in their job’s workload, or family issues, may mean they start to fall behind,” says John Colley, associate dean of post experience Masters programs at Warwick Business School. 

          “We have a very flexible program of modules that allows students to defer individual modules and even temporarily withdraw from the course.” 

          ⇨2. Keep earning while you study

          If you enroll in a typical, full-time, on-campus MBA you’ll have to leave work while studying. 

          That means forgoing your salary for an extended period of time. When you add on tuition fees and living costs, the investment becomes a daunting prospect. 

          An Online MBA gives you the opportunity to continue earning while you study. You can also offset the cost of the program with your salary, while avoiding those additional in-person costs. 

          ⇨3. Boost your salary & jobs prospects 

          Earning potential is a huge draw for all business school candidates, and that includes Online MBAs. 

          Enrolling in an Online MBA can give you access to a wide range of top jobs. Many grads go on to work in high-paying industries like consulting and finance, with world renowned companies like Amazon, McKinsey, and JP Morgan. 

          Graduating from an Online MBA can therefore boost your salary potential: students at top-ranked Warwick Business School see a more than 35% salary increase on average after graduation. 

          Add in the fact that you can offset the program cost by continuing to earn while you study, and your financial situation is likely to have significantly improved after you graduate.

          Download our free BusinessBecause Online MBA Guide 2022: Everything You Need To Know About Online MBAs where you'll find a breakdown of the Online MBA application steps, complete with tips from students and admissions experts, along with our list of the world's best Online MBAs in 2022.