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          Return On Investment: The 15 Best Value US Business Schools

          Higher education is a substantial investment — which schools pay dividends?

          With the price tag of a top-flight business degree increasing, business school applicants increasingly are considering carefully their expected return on investment.

          PayScale, the world’s leading provider of on-demand compensation data, has released a ranking of the best-value business schools in the US. 

          PayScale collected data from approximately 1.3 million college-educated workers who successfully completed PayScale’s Employee Survey between February 2007 and February 2017. The average sample size for an included school is 792 alumni profiles.

          According to the 2017 PayScale College ROI Report, SUNY — Maritime College is the best value business school. SUNY alumni enjoy a 20-year net return on investment of $895,000 and they pay $92,300 in tuition for four years of study. 

          Babson College is also among the best value business schools you could attend. Its MBA program has been ranked number one in entrepreneurship for more than 20 consecutive years by U.S. News and World Report. 

          “We know that higher education is a substantial investment and Babson College is proud to provide an exceptional return on investment for our students and families,” said Babson College president Kerry Healey. “Babson is educating entrepreneurial leaders who create social and economic value everywhere — value that goes beyond personal financial success and extends to families, businesses, communities and society as a whole.”  

          Pursuing a business degree is not only versatile and applicable to nearly every industry, but it can be a wise investment with healthy returns after graduation, especially if you attend one of the best value business schools listed in PayScale’s College ROI Report. 

          However, with a job at graduation no guarantee, students should consider which degrees offer the most bang for their buck. 

          Here are the 15 best value US business schools: