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            Quantic MBA Review: Curriculum, Admissions, Pros & Cons

            The Quantic MBA is a low cost, entirely online, accredited MBA. So how does it compare to a traditional MBA?

            The Quantic MBA offers a solution to two major challenges that business education is facing. 

            First, in light of scrutiny over the cost of an MBA, the Quantic MBA comes at a very low cost. Secondly, their MBA is entirely online, capitalizing on demands for online, distance learning programs which offer greater flexibility than campus-based programs. 

            So what is the Quantic MBA, and is it worth the same as a traditional MBA?  

            Quantic MBA | Curriculum and structure

            Quantic School of Business & Technology offers what it claims to be the first app-based MBA. It takes around 13 months to complete, with between 150-to-200 students per intake.

            The program is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), listed by the US Department of Education as a recognized accrediting agency. 

            Tuition is delivered through an interactive app, using what Quantic dubs the ‘Active Learning’ method, designed by professors from top MBA programs. The curriculum is self-oriented, allowing you to go through the reading, assignments, and learning at your own pace in your own time. 

            It is designed to be more interactive and dynamic than traditional MBA teaching methods—“no boring lecture videos, no tedious textbooks”, as the website reads. The interactive platform prompts users for interactions roughly every eight seconds, an interface which ‘tests not to confirm comprehension, but rather as an opportunity to teach’.

            Students are often directed to other learning materials, such as studies from different schools, offering the option to read in greater depth on certain topics. 

            Studying isn’t an entirely...

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            Thursday 28th January 2021, 01.09 (UTC)


            If you are affiliated with Quantic, then I would expect that this article is in some ways meant to encourage applications to the MBA. The article is well written and does, I think, meet this goal. However, I am concerned that you will attract a very high percentage of students who apply mainly because the tuition is free. Students whose primary consideration is not cost, may deem it safer to stick to traditional programs that might even be easier to get admitted to. I would like to see a bit more emphasis placed on the unique learning environment that would seem to stimulate interest and learning through a dynamic interactive process. Some of us might indeed gravitate toward such a process. The selection process described would seem to help filter out applicants who would just allow themselves to be carried along by the crowd -- so the experience sounds like it could be a joy to participate in. Mike Edwards